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Edinburgh Airport Rail Link

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Project Status - SUSPENDED

Edinburgh Airport Rail Link (EARL) is a national project to create direct rail services to and from Edinburgh Airport. The EARL Private Bill and Accompanying Documents received received Royal Assent on 19th April 2007, following the Final Stage Debate in the Scottish Parliament on the 14th March. The Scottish Parliament voted to approve the Bill by a majority of 3 to 1, and in the Consideration Stage Report; published on the 13th February, the Committee concluded that the benefits of the scheme outweigh the disbenefits. No objections were upheld and the Committee thanked tie for its conciliatory and transparent approach to objectors. The full Bill and it's supporting documents, as introduced to the Scottish Parliament on the 16th March 2006, can be viewed here.

Following a report in May 2007 by the Auditor General for Scotland on the EARL Project the Parliament resolved that the Scottish Government should undertake a review to address the governance issues identified in the report.

In September 2007 it was agreed to suspend the project following a vote in Parliament. Work completed to date on the design of EARL has been preserved and archived in a manner which does not close down future options.

On this and the following pages you will be able to learn a bit more about the project and have the opportunity to voice your own views.

What is the Edinburgh Airport Rail Link?

The proposed Edinburgh Airport Rail Link will connect stations throughout Scotland to the airport (see a map of proposed route).

Rail passengers and airport users would be able to travel on trains to and from Edinburgh Airport and destinations to the north, west and the south including Glasgow, Stirling, Perth, Fife, Inverness, Dundee and Aberdeen.

The proposals for the airport rail link include the construction of a railway station beside the main terminal at Edinburgh Airport. Trains would arrive and depart via approach tunnels and railway cuttings. The estimated cost of the scheme is approximately £550-£650 million.

The current proposals have been developed following considerable debate over many years in regard to the provision of rail links to Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports.

Further details on the key benefits of EARL, including economic, environmental and social benefits can be found here, as well as information on the project overview and the detailed plan. Alternatively for specific details on how your community will be affected, please click here.

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…That EARL is not just a rail link between Scotland’s capital and the Airport. It will put the airport at the centre of the Scottish Rail network and will provide 3.2 million people (64% of the population) with direct rail access to Edinburgh Airport.

September 2007
Following a motion passed in the Scottish Parliament; the EARL project is to be suspended. Work completed to date on the design of EARL will be preserved and archived in a manner which does not close down future options.

20th July 2007
Following a motion passed in the Scottish Parliament on the 27th June; current development work on the EARL Project will be suspended by the end of July 2007.

19th April 2007
The EARL Bill was granted Royal Assent on Thursday the 19th April and is now an Act of Parliament.

14th March 2007
The Scottish Parliament has voted to approve the Edinburgh Airport Rail Link Bill following a debate at Holyrood today

13th February 2007
EARL Consideration Stage Report Praises 'Open and Transparent' tie Limited

6th December 2006
The Assessor Period ends with 18 remaining Objections. The Assessor will report to the Committee in the New Year

11th October 2006
Scottish Power Energy Networks withdraws its objection to EARL

15th September 2006
tie welcomes EARL committe approval

26th June 2006
EARL receives Euro funding boost


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